Who are we

An elite of ambitious Qatari youth met and decided to set the alarm on the clock of entrepreneurship and creativity, collecting besides analyzing data and information to local market needs and requirements, which casts it is shadow
over the difficulties related to providing logistics in the sector of hotels and restaurants, hence the idea of establishing Global Viands company came to life.
The company formed the backbone of an integrated system based on a diligent and innovative team of logistics services, which is mainly focused on providing food of all kinds to the sector of hotels and restaurants, which in turn has reduced the heavy burden on the sector, so the quality of other services in restaurants and hotels is the center of gravity.

Our Vision

To be the first logistical passport and one of the largest leading companies in the field of food distribution for the restaurants and hotels sector in Qatar, the rest of the Gulf countries and the world.

Our Mission

To professionally provide all logistical services in the field of food distribution to meet all the needs of restaurants and hotels, whether daily or weekly, while ensuring the highest quality standards and achieving food security, in addition to establishing relationships between employees and customers on the basis of trust and satisfaction.

Our Theme


is the pathway to well-being and


is the pathway to its sustenance

Our Core Values:

Our Goals: